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Professional Development of Marriage Celebrants

Your ongoing professional development

As an authorised celebrant, you must fulfil a range of obligations including compliance with the Code of Practice and undertaking professional development activities annually. Within five years, you will also be subject to a Performance Review.

The Federal Attorney-General’s Department – Marriage Celebrants Section – issue a list of approved activities which is posted  on the internet. For more information visit

The list contains the names of organisations that provide Ongoing Professional Development to celebrants, and the nature of the activity. The celebrant must undertake at least 5 hours of O.P.D. each year.

The celebrant must choose activities that total at least 5 hours in duration, which includes one or more compulsory activities presented by the Attorney-General’s Department – Marriage Celebrant’s Section.

This Ongoing Professional Development is one way in which celebrants can collaborate with colleagues to develop, maintain and improve their skills and resources.

Celebrants who are unable, or do not wish to attend face-to-face OPD can choose to complete their obligation by distance learning which is available by downloading the OPD activity or receiving the activity in hard copy.