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How to Become the Ultimate Professional Celebrant

The Ultimate Professional Celebrant

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Becoming the ultimate professional celebrant is the goal of most celebrants.

Society is seeking new and updated ceremonies to celebrate, together with the traditional dignity of the ceremony and meaningful words that are the embodiment of a celebration to be respected.

The course entitled “The Ultimate Professional Celebrant- “Ceremonies for Love and Life”, has been written with the “forward thinking” celebrant in mind – the celebrant who is looking to offer clients different choices for their ceremonies.

It is not necessary for the “ Ultimate Professional Celebrant” to be a registered Marriage Celebrant. In fact some celebrants choose not be a registered Marriage Celebrant, preferring to concentrate solely on providing the community with ceremonies that are socially recognised, rather than the marriage ceremony, which is a legally recognised ceremony.

This course also satisfies the requirements of those waiting to be appointed as a Marriage Celebrant, to be able to offer their skills and knowledge to the community, and to begin building a reputation within that community.

If you are anticipating providing any ceremonies that are of important to families and to the community, then this will be of great benefit to you.

There is no need for you to ponder the structure that is required to conduct one of these ceremonies.
You won’t need to wonder what to take to the ceremony, how to promote yourself to the public, or what type of certificate is issued .

You won’t need to worry about protecting yourself against the possibility of litigation.
All the information is in the course manual!

To protect the intellectual property of Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd. from everyone except our valued students, not all inclusions in the course have been listed.

This is a 120 page course that is filled with valuable information, with no gimmicks to entice you to purchase.

We stand by our product as being the best available to suit your needs. Our course enables the insertion of additional information as it becomes available.

Following are just some of the units covered in the course:

Name-giving section

Includes certificates, ceremonies, readings, booking form, alternate style name-giving ceremony, involvement of the guests, inclusion of the family members and Godparents/guardians and other special people.

Renewal of Vows section

Includes certificates, ceremony, readings, booking form, inclusion of others in the ceremony etc.

Partnership and Commitment section

This section includes certificates, ceremony, readings, booking form, inclusion of others in the ceremony etc.

The modules are designed so that you can immediately be confident that you have the knowledge and skills to conduct any such ceremony. The modules contains the experience and innovative ideas of many experienced celebrants.

Enhancements for the ceremony

24 photographs of enhancements that will make the ceremony more visually appealing.

Alternative and traditional ceremonies

This allows the celebrant to think laterally. It offers ideas that will enhance the content of the traditional ceremony, and alternatives to create completely different and unique ceremonies.

Public Speaking skills

Be informed about the art of public speaking, and how you can make a good ceremony even better.

Personal Insurance

This section informs you about the type of insurance that is recommended.
It also shows the value of having personal insurance, and the address of insurance providers.

Marketing and Advertising section

This section gives information to assist you to choose the most appropriate form of advertising, and to give advice regarding marketing yourself and your product.

Introduction to Funeral Celebrancy

This section gives an overview of what is required to conduct a ceremony for a cremation, a graveside, or a memorial service. You may wish to include this in the ceremonies that you present to your clients, or to be able to act as the celebrant for family and friends.
You may wish to assist in organising the ceremony for family or friends.

On completion of the course and the provision of ceremonies based on the case studies given, you will be awarded a Certificate in Professional Celebrancy”.

The online course is $250.00, or hard copies of the course, presented in a hard folder is $325, which includes postage.

If you would like to purchase this course, please contact us for bank account details, or forward a cheque made payable to Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd. PO Box 305 Salamander Bay 2317.

New course just released!!!

Perform Pet Funeral Ceremonies  code number pfc 101

This new course is only available to students of Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd. and is offered for just  $85.00

The course includes, but is not limited, to the following:

  • The role of the celebrant
  • The pet’s place in the family
  • How to conduct the ceremony
  • Commemorative Certificate
  • Sample ceremony
  • Ceremony Enhancements
  • The burial, memorial, cremation ceremony
  • Marketing
  • Advertising

Add this to your portfolio. Be prepared to conduct all of life’s important ceremonies.