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Marriage celebrancy

“Certificate IV in Celebrancy”

Training Package number CHC41015

Becoming a Marriage Celebrant

Important information to consider before enrolling in the Marriage Celebrant training course.

Detailed information is shown on the Attorney General’s website

The staff of the Marriage Celebrant’s Section of the Federal Attorney- General ’s Department make the decision as to whether a person passes the “fit and proper person” test. * (fit and proper person test is shown at the end of this section)

Once an aspiring celebrant completes an approved training course, there will be an additional requirement to demonstrate to the Registrar of Marriage Celebrants that the “fit and proper person” criteria set out in the Marriage Amendment Act 2003 have been met.

The requirements of the “fit and proper person” test are as follows.

* Fit and Proper Person Test

  • whether you have a sufficient knowledge of the law relating to the solemnization of marriages by marriage celebrants;
  • whether you are committed to advising couples of the availability of relationship support services;
  • whether you have been convicted of an offence punishable by imprisonment for one year or longer, against the law of the Commonwealth;
  • whether you have an actual or potential conflict of interest between your practice, or proposed practice, as a marriage celebrant and your business interests or interests such as employment or hobbies;
  • whether your registration as a marriage celebrant would be likely to result in your gaining a benefit in respect of another business you own, control or carry out;
  • whether you will fulfil your obligations as a marriage celebrant; and
  • any other matter the Registrar considers relevant to whether you are a fit and proper person to be a marriage celebrant.

Students choosing the correspondence method of study are required to film a mock interview with clients and a mock wedding ceremony which includes all the legalities required. All information is included in the course material.

Assessment Procedure

Students studying by Distance Education (correspondence) will forward their assessment tasks to Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd.
Filming of some assessments is required and  must be provided to AVT Pty Ltd in an accepted medium for assessment. The mock marriage ceremony must have an audience of at least 20 people, and details as to how this can be achieved is available prior to enrolment.

On satisfactory completion of all assignment tasks, your tutor will arrange to conduct a “mock” client interview, to determine your knowledge of the legalities required to enable a marriage to take place. Your tutor will role-play a prospective bride/groom/partner who will ask questions regarding the legalities required.