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Funeral Celebrancy Course


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How to Become a Funeral Celebrant

The nationally accredited course being offered is:

“Plan, present and evaluate funeral and memorial ceremonies”

Code CHCCEL008

Assignments are marked promptly! Assignments may be presented individually or in clusters.

At most times, access to your tutor is immediate.

Do you feel that you have the compassion and empathy to assist families in their time of grief?

This is one of the most important ceremonies that will be conducted , and it is of extreme importance that it be conducted in as dignified a manner as possible.

It is also of extreme importance that the ceremony be conducted according to the wishes of the bereaved.
A Nationally Accredited course is now available for those who wish to have the qualification that is recognised by the funeral industry throughout Australia.

The course has been written in conjunction with funeral directors, crematorium operators, palliative care workers, grief counsellors, and celebrants who have conducted funeral ceremonies over the past 15 years and is a comprehensive approach to becoming a funeral celebrant.

The course requires the aspiring celebrant to write a funeral ceremony based on the case study given, and to film the mock ceremony based on the case study. The film is to be transferred to a medium that can be viewed by the trainer and assessor for assessment purposes.

For those completing the course in a classroom situation, the mock ceremony is conducted in the presence of other students.

With most ceremonies of importance, the ceremony is the formal aspect of proceedings, followed by festivities which marks the celebratory aspect of proceedings. The ceremony is usually given the respect that it deserves, while the party afterwards is usually remembered for the fun that was had.

With the funeral, it is the ceremony that will leave a lasting impression on the mourners. The funeral ceremony may be followed by a gathering of family and friends, but it is not usually a gathering that is remembered for it’s fun and frivolity.

The Funeral Celebrant plays an enormous role in assisting the grieving family by writing a ceremony that reflects the life of the deceased. The celebrant endeavours to conduct a ceremony that pays tribute and offers respect to the life of the deceased, and the ceremony may or may not include religious content.
The content of the ceremony is usually decided by the next-of-kin of the deceased person.
We know that many families have their own family doctor, or family dentist or solicitor.
It is quite common for families to have their own “family celebrant” , and this is seen as an honour for most celebrants.

Whenever there is a ceremony of importance to be conducted, the family will contact the celebrant who has looked after their needs in the past, and who has proven to the families that their wishes will be respected and complied with.

Funeral celebrancy is a very important aspect to those who wish to become the all-encompassing celebrant who can satisfy the needs of the family who require a celebrant to conduct all their legally and socially recognised ceremonies.

The course begins with the first telephone call from the Funeral Director or member of the public, requesting the services of the celebrant, and concludes with the funeral ceremony at the graveside or crematorium.

To protect the intellectual property of Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd. from everyone except our valued students, not all inclusions in the course have been listed.


  • The client interview
  • Planning the funeral ceremony
  • Conducting the ceremony
  • RSL and Freemason service
  • Use of music and literature
  • Funeral ceremony for
    • the elderly
    • the child
    • the young person
    • one who has committed suicide
  • Pre-death ceremony arrangements
  • Funeral ceremony for a cremation
  • Funeral ceremony for a burial
  • Memorial service
  • Copyright
  • Information relating to the mortuary
  • The workings at the crematoria and grave sites
  • Health regulations

The cost of this Distance Education course is $450.00 and is provided by way of a manual with clear and concise information which is suitable for the Civil Celebrant or the lay person who wishes to become a Funeral Celebrant.
This course has been written for those who feel that they have the compassion and understanding necessary to assist the grieving family.
The course is so comprehensive it covers everything that a funeral celebrant needs to know, and gives information about some of the unspoken aspects of the death and funeral process.
On completion of the course a Statement of Attainment is awarded.