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Certificate IV in Celebrancy Code CHC41015
Marriage Celebrant Training Course




Tutor assisted online study – partly subsidised,and is available to everyone
$995.00 total fee -all manuals,  learning and assessment  materials are downloaded from your computer.

The course can begin immediately after enrolment.

Tutor assisted correspondence study – partly subsidised,and is available to everyone
$1145.00 total fee – all study materials printed in hard copy, placed in folders and posted to students.

The course can begin immediately after enrolment

The qualification is recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework

Completion of the course is required before applying to the Attorney-General’s Department seeking registration as a Marriage Celebrant.

Plan, present and evaluate funeral and memorial ceremonies
Code  CHCCEL008

$450.00 studied by correspondence
Premium product!

Invest in your future for $450.00 total fee, with unlimited access to your designated experienced, qualified tutor.
If you feel that you wish to conduct funeral ceremonies, then this is the most comprehensive course available.

Written in conjunction with leading Funeral Directors, this course includes everything you need to know, everything that you would like to know, and things that you don’t need to know but are helpful in this profession.


Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Reputation is everything!

Academic & Vocational Training Pty. Ltd. has an excellent reputation for offering quality and comprehensive training in the Marriage Celebrant course and Funeral Celebrant Course.

Certificate IV in Celebrancy – Code number CHC41015 – is a Nationally Accredited Qualification and is designed for those who wish to be trained as a Marriage Celebrant or a General Celebrant.

The marriage celebrancy program is a specific program as shown on the Attorney-General’s website, and should be investigated before enrolling in marriage celebrant training. There are requirements to be aware of before embarking on the course to become a marriage celebrant.

Aspiring marriage celebrants are required to complete 13 units of competency, which is the full composite of Certificate IV in Celebrancy.

Academic & Vocational Training (A.V.T.) Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned company, employing very successful celebrants as trainers, tutors and advisors.

AVT Pty Ltd proudly offer all our students personal and individual attention

We guarantee assessments will be marked promptly.
We guarantee you unlimited access to your tutor, during your study period

As the standard of training and access to your tutor can vary a great deal, it is important for students to be confident that they are receiving comprehensive, quality training by qualified trainers. Celebrant Associations can assist existing and aspiring celebrants, and are listed on the Attorney-General’s website

Tutors are committed to assisting students for 6 months after completion of the course.

Essential and additional training tools which are the basis of training for aspiring marriage celebrants include:

  • The Marriage Act 1961 and the Marriage Regulations 2017
  • Information on the Marriage Celebrants Program at
  • the Guidelines on the Marriage Act 1961 for Authorised Celebrants July 2018
  •  the following forms:

    authorisation of marriage of minor, dispensation with consent to marriage of minor, consent by Judge or magistrate to marriage of minor, application for registration as a marriage celebrant, notice of intended marriage, declaration by parties to marriage, obligations of marriage, official certificate of marriage, interpreter’s certificate

AVT Pty Ltd receives updated information from the Marriage Celebrant’s Section of the Federal Attorney-Generals’ Department, from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, from ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) and all other bodies associated with the Nationally Accredited Training Package.

AVT Pty Ltd has access to all the training aids and information offered by all the educational bodies associated with Nationally Recognised training courses.

All updated information is immediately included in our marriage celebrant training course.

Our trainers and tutors will take all steps necessary to guide the student to a successful outcome.

Our trainers and tutors are stakeholders with a social and intellectual interest in the students’ success, which reflects positively on their role as a quality trainer/tutor.

AVT Pty Ltd acknowledges the importance of ceremonies to the clients and to the community, and it is in the interests of the celebrant and the wider community that the celebrant be trained to a level where excellence can be achieved.

It is our wish that celebrants who complete their training throug Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd, be sought-after as the preferred celebrant in their community.

If you are studying by correspondence (distance), we understand that you may choose, or need to complete some of your course at night-time or at weekends. Your tutor will be available to assist you, if the need arises. We are not a 9 to 5 organisation, and after business hours communication can be arranged with the tutor.

The marriage celebrant training course offered has been written by celebrants who have conducted a combined total of over 2000 ceremonies, and who are committed to display a high level of professionalism to all those who enrol in the course.

The aim of all our trainers and tutors is to lead each student on a career path that will be both socially and financially rewarding for them.

The training courses offered to aspiring or existing celebrants are:

“Certificate IV in Celebrancy” – national Code number CHC41015 – a Nationally Accredited qualification and is a pre-requisite to being registered as a marriage celebrant.

“Plan, present and evaluate funeral and memorial ceremonies” is a nationally accredited training course – a Statement of Attainment awarded on completion of the course Code CHCCEL008. This course is also available as an elective of CHC41015 and is included in the course fee.